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A Living Learning Community

Virtus provides first year male engineering students access to an engineering based living and learning environment. The primary goal of Virtus is to promote community among first and second year engineering students and to provide support for academic and professional success. Participants will be introduced to a diverse range of mentors and role models and offered professional and personal development opportunities. The Virtus community will occasionally work closely with Flexus: Dr. Marilyn Berman Pollans' Women in Engineering Living and Learning Community.

Applications for the 2017-18 academic year 


Requirements for Virtus students include:

  • Seminar: A one-credit seminar will be required each semester to provide a structured curriculum for technical, professional and personal development. The course will be held once per week for one hour and fifteen minutes.
  • Course Cluster: Students are encouraged to take their first year math, science and engineering courses in clusters. This will provide support through community and continuity in course work during the first year. The goals are to build community among students in engineering and develop and enhance academic and professional skills.
  • Participation in community activities and events such as study groups, tutoring and social activities is strongly encouraged.
  • Virtus participants are required to live in the common resident hall, Easton, during their first year. 

Common Residence Hall: Easton

First year Virtus participants are required to live in the common resident hall, Easton. Second year Virtus participants are allowed to live elsewhere, but are strongly encouraged to remain in Easton. Providing a shared floor in Easton offers students an environment that is conducive to informal study groups and peer assistance. Easton Hall is an eight-story, coed, traditional style hall with rooms range in size from single, double, triple and quad and each floor has a large community bathroom for residents to share. Located nearby are Byrd Stadium, the Campus Recreation Center, and the Stamp Student Union. The Dining Hall and a 24-hr convenience store are steps away. Residents living in Easton Hall have air-conditioned rooms, and a laundry facility conveniently located in the basement of the building. Each room is equipped with data jacks for private telephone and computer use, and cable connections for each student. Additionally, Easton will house the SEEDS Learning Center, which will provide free tutoring and review sessions for introductory first and second year engineering, mathematics and science courses. Virtus students who do not participate in the residential component will partake in the seminar and course clustering. They will have access to community space within the residence hall to promote informal interactions with other participants.

Virtus Welcome Week Schedule 

Sample from Previous Virtus Welcome Week [pdf]

Sample Syllabi

Freshman Courses

ENES 113- Fall Semester

ENES 114- Spring Semester

Sophomore Courses

ENES 213- Fall Semester

ENES 214- Spring Semester